over 30 years experience

After developing a love for making mixed tapes with my parents’ 70s turntable, I began my radio career in 1986, became the rhythm guitarist/producer of my garage band, took music on the road with a mobile DJ business, and began digital recording for my later bands in the 90s.

still ahead of the times

Currently, I’m known for my personal podcast (Toddcast), as well as Indigenous Perspectives, Innovate On Demand, Talking Feds, and In Plain Sight, as well as numerous voiceovers for radio and television commercials and video narration.

Whatever your needs are, my calm demeanour, respect for people, and love of soundcraft promotes the most authentic storytelling that can be captured digitally — using leading tools in experienced hands:

about the services


From light to dramatic to emotional — announcer, narrator and character-actor work that moves listeners

professional recording

Quiet, crisp, punchy, sonically-pleasing results with quality equipment and software

technical production

Stellar post-production services including editing, equalization, noise reduction, mixing, and mastering. If you have all the audio bits recorded but can’t put them together, I can help.

audio project management

Complete planning, production and release of your audio project from start to finish, from a short podcast to a full-length audiobook.


Guidance on budgeting, planning, equipment, staffing, production, hosting, publication, promotion and more

about namekus

Namekus (pronounced “nah-MAY-goose”) is a historical name in my family, held by my great-great-great grandfather. A Cree man, he later accepted the white name David Collins but gave both names to his son (my great-great grandfather)

That Namekus lived and worked as a trapper in Northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan. It was his discovery of rich copper ore deposits that led to the founding of Flin Flon, Manitoba, my own birthplace.

A short play about his story can be found on flinflonhistories.ca, as well as more detailed analysis of my great-great grandfather’s role as a founder.